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Danielle Stephens

"When I was 17 years of age, an Alabama Pastor prophesied that this day would take place, and here we are."

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Danielle Stephens began singing at the young age of 6 years old at Mt. Olive Baptist Church where Reverend Theodore Turner is still Pastor. Two musicians (Terrence Howard and Walter Tardy) left quite an impression on Danielle and began training her to lead songs with the New Orleans Regional Choir. Her training increased through multiple praise teams and choirs: 15 years at Mt. Olive Baptist Church (Pastor Theodore Turner), 3 years at Mt. Cyrene Baptist Church (Pastor Chris Butler) 13 years at Zion Field Ministries (Pastor Leslie Crockett), 3 years at Renew Church (Pastor Checkerz Williams). Danielle attends Elevate Church of Baton Rouge under the leadership of Apostle Keith Richard. My husband and I are over the Children’s Ministry at Elevate for 12 years and older.


After Hurricane Katrina, Danielle attended Plaquemine Senior High School and graduated in 2007.  The singer took her education a step further by graduating from Xavier University of Louisiana (2011) and obtained her MBA at Southern University (2014) A & M. Danielle was trained in classical music through Xavier (vocal performance minor) as well as New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. Mrs. Stephens works for a Fortune 500 company named IBM in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, while also pursuing her doctorate degree at Grand Canyon University. Danielle is a licensed Louisiana Realtor, and she enjoys every aspect of real estate.


            Award Winning Producer Sean Keys produced her first single entitled Favor, released on July 1, 2022. Danielle co-wrote the song along with Sean Keys and Adolphus Scott, III. An Alabama Pastor prophesied to Danielle at 17 that this day would come, and she is now living it.  


During her professional singing journey,  Danielle has sung for the John P Kee VIP Conference Showcase, Stellar Awards Pre-Show 2022 with Greg Lyons, Marriage Retreat with Franklin Baptist Church in Destin, Florida, 2023 New Year’s Eve Ceremony in New York City with Radio Host Liz Black, Avidity Awards Pre-Show (2022), and Spin Awards Pre Show Chicago (2023). Danielle shared a portion of her story in a book called Empower Now for Women.


Danielle believes God has a path laid out for us all, and if we believe and trust in his perfect plan, we cannot fail.


Favor (2022)

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